Land For Sale In Riverview, FL

Riverview is a rapidly growing community along the Highway 301 corridor. Transportation to I-75 is easy which makes for great commuting. The infrastructure in Riverview has finally matched the growth with the widening of Highway 301. There are numerous subdivisions currently under construction in Riverview making it one of the fastest growing communities in Hillsborough County.

Shopping continues to get better in Riverview as many of the large retailers are moving into the area. The large number of residential communities can support the commercial growth.

Riverview is one of the oldest settlements in central Florida according to the Sunland Tribune. Settlement began almost 200 years ago in 1830. It's interesting that it took so many years to take off but 41,000 of the city's 71,000 residents moved here in just a 10-year span. Since the 2010 census numbers Riverview has continued its meteoric growth and will likely be over 100,000 people by 2020.

Recommended area restaurants include Stein and Vine, Shrimp Boat Grill, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, Taste of Berlin and the Cheesecake Factory. Some activities include the Best Peru Day Tours (Riverview was once called Peru), Balm-Boyette Scrub & Triple Creek Nature Preserves, the International Independent Showmen's Museum, and The Alley at Southshore.

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Riverview Attractions

Best Peru Day Tours
The trip was amazing!

Balm-Boyette Scrub Preserve
Boating, hiking and riding trails

Alafia River
Boating and water sports on the river

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